Brenda Hutcheson Fickey
The Reluctant Reader's Friend and Scop

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Quality storytelling

Historical fiction that's fun to read!

Hello, I'm Brenda Hutcheson Fickey, the Reluctant Reader's Friend and Scop (the Scottish term for "Storyteller").
Welcome to my website!

Do you know a reluctant reader?

Do you like mystery/suspense stories with unpredictable twists and turns?

Are you looking for quality, educational literature with a strong, entertaining format for teaching and reinforcing reading skills?

Do you want stories that encourage critical thinking, lively discussions, and a wide variety of writing topics across the curriculum for upper elementary and middle school/junior high school levels?

Are you looking for wholesome, family-friendly books everyone can enjoy?

Are you or someone you know struggling with anger, grief, bullying, disappointment, fear, isolation, loneliness, making difficult decisions, and other such issues?

Is your family seeking meaning behind the chaos that fills your home life on a daily basis?

You've come to the right site!

The Arkansas Oil Days Series of books addresses these questions, timeless issues, and a variety of topics and themes in a non-threatening manner while telling gripping stories readers find intriguing, exciting, and hard to put down.

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